There are many people who are considered and called leaders. But, a true leader has got his own importance for his followers. In our country, regarding the personality of Quaid-e-Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain is concerned, can anyone give an example of a leader who has so much attraction in his personality that has the ability to gather thousands, rather, millions of people just to listen to his a telephonic call?

Since 1984 to till date, especially during the periods of operations, the way he led his people and the party, highlighted his importance before the world. This is the reason why his followers claim, “Humko Manzil Nahi, Rehnuma Chahiye”.


Many “Danishwar” severely criticize this claim, in fact, make fun of it. They say, “What a funny it is that the followers choose a leader so that he can lead them to their destination. When no destination, then what is the importance of a leader?”

If anyone wants to understand the importance of a leader in comparison to the destination, he/she needs to take the example of the Pakistani nation. The Muslims of the undivided India got together and formed All India Muslim League in order to get their rights. Later on, a separate piece of land ____Pakistan ____became their eventual destination. The leadership of AIML and their followers struggled for it and gave unforgettable sacrifices. Eventually, the leadership of Muslims of India successfully made its followers get their destination________Pakistan.

So, that was it_______the leadership did accomplish its task. People or the followers had arrived at their destination. What else was remaining on the part of the leadership of the Muslims of the undivided India? Then, immediately after the creation of Pakistan, the Pakistani nation lost their leadership. Apparently, the leadership had successfully done its job.

But, what happened then? Ever since the leaders went away, the down fall of their followers (the Pakistani nation) started. They stared getting un-united. They had enmity, prejudice and intolerance against each other. As a result of all these, they started losing their destination. They lost half part of it. While the remaining part became full of so many problems that the people finding no solution to them, come on the roads for protest. There is so much disappointment in the people that they are committing suicides. None of them looks to be pessimistic about the future of their destination.

They have been badly in need of the sincere and the honest leadership for them. They have been begging to God and are eagerly waiting for the day when the sincere and the honest leadership would come to take them out of the crisis and would lead them to the prosperity. This is the state of the followers and their destination after the leadership had departed.

Now considering the current scenario of the disappointment in the followers and the state of their destination, if the two options are put before them, i.e., whether:

1)      They choose the destination (Pakistan), or

2)      The leadership (The Quaid-e-Azam and his colleagues)?

What would be their reply then?

Won`t they just stand up and start repeating?


“Hame Manzil Nahi, Rehnuma Chahiye!”


“Hame Manzil Nahi, Rehnuma Chahiye!”


“Hame Manzil Nahi, Rehnuma Chahiye!”


“Hame Manzil Nahi, Rehnuma Chahiye!”


When the people of Pakistan, despite arriving at their destination, are so much in need of the true leadership, then how can the MQM`s followers think of leaving the Quaid-e-Tehreek when they are just in the way to their destination?

Some critics argue that Mr. Altaf Hussain formed his party on the ethnic ground that helped him a lot to be a popular leader.

I do not know why these people ignore the fact MQM (a party representing a community in 80`s) was not formed by the people of the same community, who were being called the intellectuals, industrialists, famous columnists, players, actors or the political leaders that time. It was formed and organized by the students pertaining to the middle and the lower middle class having no prominent position in the society. APMSO was not formed in the drawing room of a rich and a commonly known person, but in the lawn of the University of Karachi.

Regarding the fertile ground is concerned, do we not find the same, rather, more plain ground for a person or a party to come forward and start leading the people of Pakistan? If it is so easy to select or elect a true leader and that if it is not difficult to form and make a party popular, then, why has it not taken place yet? Are there not those a few students of the millions studying in the universities of the country, who can make this “Chamatkar” like the way did by the pioneers of APMSO and MQM? Isn`t there any lawn of a university in which that magic can happen which came up before the world from the IBA lawn of the University of Karachi??

If such magic cannot take place by any group of students from any universities of the country, then can it not be produced and brought to light by any anchorpersons, columnists or political analysts from their talk shows, columnists or analysts either?? If no, then do these people deserve to criticize MQM anyway?

In the early 90`s, there was a misleading thought in the minds of some people who joined Haqiqi that it was these people, as followers or workers, who made Altaf Hussain a leader. Owing to the same misconception, they reconsidered their decision regarding Altaf Hussain and announced to make someone else their leader (s). If they were really ones who made him a leader, then, they had taken back their support from him. Altaf Hussain should not remain a leader anymore. But, what happened? What did the time prove? Who turned out to be the true leader before the people?

The way Mr. Altaf Hussain proved his leadership quality in the worst time of its party especially without being physically present in Pakistan, could not be even thought of by anyone. MQM instead of shrinking spread not only all over the country, but also in the world.

Thus, whoever is realizing these facts, is coming back to him repenting over the mistake he made.

A true leader is considered to be a gift of God. So, it not only in the hand of people to select and make someone their true and since leader.

If someone still disagrees to this, then why are the people of Pakistan still in search of their leadership? Why have they been begging to God for years for a sincere and honest leadership? Why don`t they just get together and choose one of themselves as their leader? Why have they not done that yet? What have they been waiting for? Why do they not make that selection instead of committing suicides?

In fact, the people need the true leader, not the “Choudhry”. Whenever some people get together, they can select or elect any one of themselves as their leader. But not necessarily, the person chosen really proves himself the real leader. He may be a true Choudhry, but not the true leader.

Do I need to state anything else in the honor of Quaid-e-Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain and his party MQM?

Unfortunately, Pakistan has become like a house, both economically and socially, whose pillars have got weakened and are now falling down. It is Altaf Hussain who has been calling the attention of the people to this. He is appealing to come forward and join hands wit him so that the house can be saved from the complete disaster.


If, despite all the facts, the people of Pakistan take more time to make the decision to the call from MQM, it means that they are, in this way, allowing the house to fall down. The more late they become, the less time they would have to save the country from the complete disaster. Let`s see that by the time the people realize this and take the U-turn to come back to MQM, would they have this option available to them? Let`s see.     

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Comment by Farjad abbas on August 19, 2011 at 10:49pm
you can alot of MQM speeches Delivered by Haider Bhai, be a member of that website and add your own haider bhai videos too, 
MQM ZindaBaaaaaddddddddddddd
Comment by Farjad abbas on August 19, 2011 at 10:46pm

Merey Saathi Bhai, 


Unfortunately, Pakistan has become like a house, both economically and socially, whose pillars have got weakened and are now falling down. It is Altaf Hussain who has been calling the attention of the people to this. He is appealing to come forward and join hands wit him so that the house can be saved from the complete disaster."

Excellent Point^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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